Hideo Kojima unveiled the new Metal Gear Online with a shiny new trailer at The Game Awards 2014. It looks like we will see the team sneaking game type (or a variant on it) return. The trailer shows off some of the new features such as being able to operate a small Metal Gear (that kind of looks like an bigger Mark II from Metal Gear Solid 4.)

Screenshots below.

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Metal Gear Online will launch as part of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The release date still unknown at this time.

Meanwhile, Reddit believes Hideo Kojima has secretly announced the release date

Hideo Kojima is well known for his sneaking antics and I don’t just mean his stealthy series. Before the official announcement of Metal Gear Solid V Kojima invented a fake swedish studio called Moby Dick Studios with a masked developer which turned out to be Hideo Kojima. Kojima’s shirt at The Game Awards 2014 had the swedish words tjugoandra den sjätte. When translated into english you get  twenty-second and sixth. 

Has Koj secretly announced the release date? We will have to wait and see. Let us know if you think so? or if it’s just a coincidence.