Noobist Podcast: Episode 13

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I apologize again for the delay, we’ll try to make this a more regular occurrence. This week we cover a lot of material while also featuring new speakers. Introducing guest speaker Gary Mitchell, who is a long-time friend of mine and someone who is very much into comic book geek culture. Check Gary out on his Youtube channel.

Alongside him is Tobias, who is a fellow staff writer on the Noobist. Check out his articles!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Captain America Civil War v Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice: Which film fared better? What was done right and what needed to be improved on?
  • X-men films: What is the future of this franchise? How have the recent films been in terms of quality?
  • Video game to movie adaptations: Why has this historically been a terrible route to go for films? What needs to be done to ensure quality adaptations?

Intro/Outro music: Morning in RVA by Contour