Via Re/code

Rumours have surfaced that OUYA has engaged in acquisition talks with multiple companies, including Amazon and Google.

According to Re/code, “the company considers it one of its more likely options rather than raising more money. There are no current offers on the table.” 

The console received positive press at first. OUYA raised more than $8 million on Kickstarter in August 2012. It was then delayed multiple times, before eventually releasing to the public in June, 2013 for $99. The console was met with mixed reception by the public, generally viewed as a sub-par platform for gaming, but a viable home media center. 

A series of poorly received games further damaged the sales and reputation of the OUYA. This was made worse by the lack of support for media apps at launch. The company has since taken measures to counter this, including the somewhat infamous “Free the Games” project and a game subscription service. There was also an attempt to raise interest with the release of the Android Developement kit, AIDA, on the platform.

There are reportedly no offers on the table at this point in time, but Tencent and Xiomi are listed as potential buyers. OUYA press have yet to comment on the rumours.