Play as Shu – a protaganist that is climbing, leaping, and gliding through mountainous and lush landscapes in a world filled with unusual creatures. Go rescue villagers that are stranded along the way and harness their abilities on the vivid journey to safety.

Shu is being published by Sony and is a 2.5D platformer that will be able to played on the Playstation consoles.

The Shu demo will be available to be played at the London EDX 2014 event!

Creative Director Tom Beardsmore said “We’re really looking forwards to demoing Shu at EGX. We have previously demoed Shu at GDC and other events, since then the game has come a long way. We can’t wait to meet gamers, other developers and press and would like to encourage anyone and everyone to come and say hello!”

So go down to the EDX 2014  to give Shu a try!