Sony has announced that Playstation Home will be closing  March 2015. This leaves a hole that Neotopia hopes to fill.

A small company called MadMunkid is creating a virutal world for the next generation console, Playstation 4. Issues with Playstation Home included the constant need to download and install different packs interact with other Playstation users. Neotopia hopes to be different.

Neotopia‘s goal is to be a realistically rendered world using the latest incarnation of the Unreal Engine, and will access the power of the Playstation 4. It will be an ever evolving online world where people can meet, interact, play, and share – the next step up of gaming and social media.

Features of Neotopia:

  • Create a personal avatar
  • Buy a private Neotopia apartment; redecorate it to suite your personality and have guests over.
  • Voice and text chat
  • Group and club functions as well as a calendar to help you organise events and see what’s coming up
  • Virtual currency (the neobit) to spend on clothes, animations, furniture and apartments
  • A comprehensive Kudos system allowing you to show your appreciation for other users, items and spaces
  • Have a voice and help shape the world! Citizens will be able to vote on upcoming features and content in world and via the internet. Secure your citizenship, get exclusive items and get voting now via the £30 pledge or earn your citizenship post-release.
  • A variety of games and activities for you and your friends to enjoy together
  • Regularly updated with new themes and features

Neotopia will be shaped by the people who use it. The people who want to interact, build, share and play in that world. Neotopia will have everything from beautiful beaches and mountain peaks and medieval to futuristic cities.

Neotopia is currently on Kickstarter trying to raise roughly $410,000 and yes, that is a lot of money however 21,000 people donated a Playstation Wallet Card of $20 each, they would exceed their goal by $10k and it’s definitely an investment the Playstation Home people want to get in on.

MadMunki’s Neotopia Kickstarter page can be found by going here.