I was excited when I saw that a Pokemon game would be coming to iOS devices. But I’ll state early that it’s not a mobile port of one of their beloved Pokemon RPG games. It has been confirmed to VentureBeat, though, that an iPad version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is in development. Pokemon fanatic Josh Wittenkeller- TheJWittz on Youtube- shared a picture of the game in action on twitter. The game is currently being shown to some of the attendees of the Pokemon Championships, and appears to be a version of the game already available on PC and Mac.


The Trading Card genre is currently very popular amongst mobile users, with Blizzard’s Hearthstone doing very well, and the Adventure Time Card Wars still in the top ten selling games on the app store.

This will be the first full game The Pokemon Company has released on Apple’s app store and I can’t help but think that if this sells well, the developers may continue to make games for mobile devices. The dream of the original Pokemon games coming out on tablets and phones could be getting closer. But who knows?

The game is to be released later this year.