Rise of Iron

Rise of Iron isn’t all that far away, leaving you just enough time to grind and prepare!

In this guide I’ll be dropping some tips to help you get as much new loot as possible on the day the next Destiny expansions drop!

To the Max!

First off, Max everything. Max your glimmer, and your marks, having too much currency is never an issue in Destiny. Be sure to save up on those consumables that you can turn into the Cryptarch for glimmer. Also, hit those dailies and weeklies. Heroic strikes are a great source of marks as well. There will be new vendors, and undoubtedly new items for sale at existing vendors so you want to be able to buy whatever you want!

Next, “edge” all of your rep with the various factions or vendors in Destiny! Meaning level up your standing with them until you’re just on the edge of leveling up, that way when Rise of Iron drops you’ll get a new package quickly and the chance for some new loot!

So make sure to at least edge your Cryptarch rating, crucible, vanguard and whichever faction you favor.


Hoard Everything

Also, stock up on crafting and upgrading materials! Make sure you have plenty of armor and weapon parts for upgrading your new weapons and armor once the expansion hits, also, hoard your motes of light in order to  level your new gear as quickly as possible!

Another great tip is hoarding engrams! Now there’s some debate to whether or not old pre-expansion engrams will grant new loot, but it isn’t just for that, it’s also to level your cryptarch a second time after you level up from edging your cryptarch rank the first time. And hey, even if you get old crappy loot, you can still use the parts on your new gear! So it doesn’t hurt!

Those are the biggest things players can do to prepare themselves for Rise of Iron, but there are a few other things to consider.


A Few More Things…

Various events such as The Festival of the Lost and SRL are set to make a return after Rise of Iron drops. Make sure to complete quests such as “With Finesse and Speed” which reward you with a 160 Sparrow!

With private matches finally becoming an option in Destiny, make sure to find a PVP loadout that really works for you! Weapons like Imago Loop, Treads Upon Stars, and Hung Jury are still reeking havoc so go out and get yourself a ringer of your own!

And finally, stock up on those strange coins! If Xur brings new stock with Rise of Iron, you don’t want to be forced to grind at the last minute for enough coins to buy a shiny new weapon or piece of armor!

Rise of Iron is set to drop on September 20th, for current gen consoles only. Make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to become an Iron Lord (what is dead may never die… I’m sorry I had to).