Today, in the second of four live reveals leading up to House of Wolves’ release, Bungie has debuted the Trials of Osiris. This player vs player event will challenge battle tested guardians, forged in the fires of the Crucible. Many features announced today have been anticipated by the community, and a host of others were quite unexpected. Here are all the details you need to know about the trials ahead.


The slogan Bungie has used time and time again, “Power Matters” has not always rung true. This was a bit disappointing in the Iron Banner, a high level PVP event. But to our relief, it will be true in the case of the Trials. Your leveled armor and gear will make a difference against your opponents. This along with the loot systems new aim to reward skilled players will attract high level Guardians, beware.


Each match will be split into 5 2 minute rounds, adding up to a 10 minute match. In these 3 vs 3 matches, guardians can only respawn after being resurrected by teammates, similar to skirmish. Sudden death overtime can also take place if after 2 minutes, not all guardians have perished. In this instance, a random capture point will be spawned and must be taken by one of the teams. Sudden death overtime can last up to 15 minutes. Losing 3 total matches will get your team eliminated from the Trials of Osiris. Upon turning in your Trials ballot, the gear available for purchase will be based on your number of wins prior to elimination. Don’t fret after losing however, as 100 Glimmer will buy you back in.

Matchmaking will also not be present in the Trials. At this high level of play, team cohesion and communication are key. Bungie felt it would be best for pre made teams to enter the Trials, not matchmade randoms. Matchmaking with your enemies however, will be based on internet connection in an effort to cut out lag. Maps will also rotate on a weekly basis. The first Trial will take place in the Burning Shrine, and every week the map will change.


The reason we are all here is the sweet loot we stand to gain by crushing our opponents. After winning more and more matches in the Trials, new tiers will be unlocked. The first tier, or stone tier, will reward you with Motes of Light, and Passage Coins. Passage coins can be used to buy consumables that increase your odds of gaining high level gear. These consumables can forgive your losses, or even grant you bonus wins per match. Work your way up to five wins, and unlock new armor. There will be two sets of gear that guardians can acquire in the Trials. The first set can be ascended to level 34, while the other more intricate set already drops at 34. In the higher tiers, players can also win Trials weaponry.


This event is shaping up to be truly hardcore. With such highly skilled enemies, players will have to pay careful attention to builds and perks. This is a bit unprecedented in Destiny, as in high level end game content a players natural ability alone could usually get them by. But only by fine tuning your Guardian, and working seamlessly with your teammates will you survive the Trials.

Are you ready?