Red Shirt is the comedy science fiction simulation about social networking aboard a space station. Similar to the game Kudos, the player starts off in a low career level and have to cultivate their character to try and climb the ladder of life and work.

However in Red Shirt, unlike Kudos, the Facebook version called “Spacebook” plays a heavy role in the player’s life; they have to navigate through the Spacebook politics and stroke their friends and work colleagues egos by clicking that “Like” button.

Whenever the player is looking for love, an opportunity in work, or even play Zero-G golf with the space station Captain, it’s up to the player to schmooze their way through the social circles of Spacebook.

The goal? To either achieve an off station transfer, to be sent away on an away mission or even take over as warlor– eh, Captain of the space station.

Space station and Spacebook is love, they are life. At least in this universe.

Red Shirt, as well as other Positech games, are PC only, and can be purchased directly through the website here.