Resident Evil, the horror classic, will be getting a HD remake early in 2015. Capcom said in their blog today that this will be the ‘definitive vision of the Mansion incident.’


It will be based on the 2002 remake for the Gamecube, delivering the same tense gameplay for which the original Resident Evil games are known. Capcom have also stated that the ‘unique scrolling camera helps integrate the original 4×3 game into a 16×9 view. This means that as Chris or Jill move out of the initial frame, the view will smoothly scroll along with you.

Lastly, Capcom have said that the original “tank controls” remain, however there is also a modern option where the character moves in the direction of the analog stick. But if you wish for a modern control configuration, it can be adjusted in-game, any time.

Personally, I was too young to play the original upon release, but joined the series at Resident Evil 4, arguably the best entry in years. I am very excited to see what the hype was all about in the 90’s, and to see how it holds up against modern horror games, such as F.E.A.R 2 and 3, and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

The last few years have seen numerous HD remakes, allowing younger gamers to experience games which came before their time. What games would you like to see given the HD treatment?