Miss the First Person Shooter (FPS) Arena style games? Then look no further! Reakktor Studios are bringing out a FPS that goes back to basics called Toxikk. Toxikk is a science fiction / near future genre themed shooter game that is simple in creation and technical in playing.

The easy parts: There is no leveling, no perks, no classes, no weapons to modify, and no iron sight aiming. Also a bonus about this game is that players can use vehicles to shoot down other vehicles or even people on foot.

The less easy part: The controls can be modified on the mouse and keyboard to be custom to the player; try to remember all of those commands!

If it’s a basic arena style FPS then what do players get? Classic arcade arena gameplay. You can double jump, boost yourself with pick ups and health packs, explore with jump pads, and fight with nine weapons, each featuring secondary firing modes. You can even use mutators for extra variety.

Toxikk also gives the option to train your skills offline with BOT-MODE.

The game’s main competitor is Quake Live,  which has recently launched on Steam, having been hosted externally for some time prior. s The Arcade shooter genre is making a comeback, and so now the fight begins for the crown of the best in the genre.

Toxikk is exclusively for the PC, and is scheduled to launch in Quarter four/2014.