Recently I reviewed Grip Its, a cheap alternative to thumb grips manufactured by companies such as Kontrol Freek.


A rampant complaint among PS4 users are the not-so-durable rubberized coating on our analog sticks. One simple way to remedy this flaw is to purchase yourself a pair of thumb grips. After taking a stroll through my local Gamestop, I came across Geltabz. At the low price of 7.99 (compared to $14.99 for a measly two pack from Kontrol Freek) I didn’t expect much out of this 4 pack of discount thumb grips, and I was completely mistaken.

The build quality of Geltabz feel reliable and sturdy. The basic design consists of a stretchy rubber base with a somewhat soft gel tab on top. The clear gel tab features a textured surface that really grips onto the thumb without hurting, even after long sessions of play. With a one size fits all design, these are compatible whether you are a Microsoft or Sony fan. I went with a traditional blue for Sony, but they also come in black, and even green. My single complaint in their design is the thickness of the rubber that wraps around the controller. Being just a little too thick, it at times makes it difficult to click down the thumbstick while pushing it forward, to sprint for instance. Over time however, this slight issue wears away, and you become accustomed to pushing a little harder, yet still not even close to enough to damage your controller.

After playing a few hours of the Crucible in Destiny, and running through a handful of Raids, I did not want to take my Geltabz off. Not only do they just look great on your controller, but they feel just as good. Playing without them feels odd now, and I plan on replacing my old grip its with these indefinitely.