It seems like these have now been proven to be fake. A video has been uploaded by the original leaker to detail how he made them. He even admitted himself it’s not comfortable to hold. I’m sure the majority of people will be relieved to hear that but sadly we now have less information on Nintendo’s NX.

You can see the video here.


It’s no secret that Nintendo have been working on a new console. Well, most of us hope it’s a console, but let’s be fair. It’s Nintendo, it could be anything. It appears that someone has managed to leak some pictures of the new controller.




Nintendo did actually file a patent for a controller that looked incredibly similar, back in December 2015, which does seem to give the rumour some credibility. But until we see it in either Reggie or Miyamoto’s hands, I would take everything with a pinch of a salt.




Personally, I don’t think the controller looks that bad. It’s not as a big as the dinner tray you need to use for the Wii U, which is the biggest positive I could give it. My biggest concern is the lack of physical buttons. Touch screen buttons I’ve never been a fan of, any actual games that aren’t designed for mobile, have always become incredibly awkward to play (looking at you Final Fantasy Tactics) especially if you aren’t playing on a tablet. The smaller the device, the more awkward it’s going to be. It does, however, seem to have physical shoulder buttons, but they look more like the scroll wheel of a 90’s mouse. Let’s just hope they last a bit longer.  And it also looks like a new PS Vita. With all that said though, I’ll be withholding any actual judgement until we get some legitimate information on the console, assuming of course, this isn’t just another prototype that will be changed like the boomerang PS3 Controller, or that it’s even real at all.