Sony announced today that they would be offering compensation to all PlayStation Network Users as compensation for the outages that their network experienced this Christmas. All users who had¬†active PlayStation Plus subscription on December 25th, including those with trial subscriptions, will receive a five day extension to the subscription. In addition, all PlayStation Network users will receive a limited time 10% off coupon valid for a total cart purchase of games, DLC, movies, or TV shows. Sony’s holiday sales have also been extended to make up for the downtime.

Sony will be sending e-mails to users when the subscription time is added to their account. People whose subscription runs out in the next few days will see PS+ status added back to their account when the compensation goes live, offering a good chance to take advantage of January’s PS+ offerings.

All in all this is a good way for Sony to make up for the downtime and I expect Microsoft to follow in the coming days. Despite the annoyance of not being able to play games during prime holiday time I’m sure everyone involved is happy that this wasn’t an attack like the one a few years ago where Sony saw user information stolen from their network.