Dark Amber Softworks is trying to raise funds for their amazing Steampunk style First Person Shooter game. It’s a single player game (sorry, no multi-player) however there will be the option to play the game via virtual reality glasses!


It’s 10,000 years into the future, and the Player Characters (PC) is an associate of the Inventors Guild and you’re dropped on an island in the Atlantic Ocean for a routine maintenance job. Delving deeper into the island, it becomes apparent that there’s something unusual going on as the PC is pulled into a strongly spun web of an international and metaphysical conflict. Solve puzzles, read up on the lore, and realise the meaning of life.

Features of the game:

  • Story-driven open-world adventure FPS set in a steampunk world.
  • Two player characters to choose from, male and female (Vincent & Amity)
  • Hours of gameplay
  • Explore, interact, sneak or fight your way through the island topside and the vast underground facility.
  • Dual-wield powerful weapons, both melee and projectile. Unleash the power of the fabled gun-blade, wreak havoc with a grenade launcher, or do both, at the same time.
  • A multitude of enemies: deranged automatons, malfunctioning cyborgs, mechanical animals, Chaos-mutants, and the deadly QingTing Empire commandos.
  • Equip “Goggle Glass” to see through walls, discover hints and secrets invisible to the naked eye.
  • Download information and read journals from SoulFire terminals and “Orbnals”.
  • Mod your weapons into more powerful versions and discover new “Goggle Glass” features.
  • Collect and utilise power-up potions such as “Alchemist Sundstroem’s Stamina Potion” (contains real reindeer antler extract) and “PowerBolt Energy Potion”.
  • Play a mini-game to gain access codes to optional areas.
  • True full-body immersion for virtual reality glasses such as Oculus VR.

To help support their game, please go to their Indiegogo page here. If you want to download the pre-alpha game, go here.



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