If you thought you had experienced the maximum in bullet hell pumpitude, think again. Spilt Milk Studios has just upped the 80s action overkill with their biggest content update for their indie title, Tango Fiesta. Fans of the top down shooter can explore an entirely new level, complete with new enemies, traps, bosses and… unitards?

That’s right, you too can be a  Butcher of Bakersfield.  Tango Fiesta’s Running Man-inspired level, aptly titled Who Wants To Be A Killionaire, gives recently added female protagonist (and unitard enthusiast), Conchita, an easel on which to paint her ass-kicking masterpiece. This 80’s homage is complete when players must face down the five new bosses, each one a nod to a stalker from the original movie- right down to the weaponry. Alas, there is no Richard Dawson, but if you try really (really) hard, you can hum, ‘Who loves you and who do you love,’ to the new level music.

Spilt Milk Studios didn’t stop there, however. Also added are new damage effects, voice-over and a series of ‘secret’ objectives designed to inject some good, ol’ fashioned back-stabbing into the proceedings. Now, as you are laying waste to armies of muscled fodder, you have to keep a close eye on your buddies. If not, you may become the unwitting victim of bro-on-bro violence.

Tango Fiesta is currently available on Steam Early Access and Get Games. Bullets are sprayed, blood sausage is made on both PC and Mac. Now start running…