Welcome to the first episode of The Noobist podcast featuring staff writers Laura Fagan, Max Taylor, Jeremy Barnes and Eric Huh. In this first podcast, we discuss the games we are playing and latest video gaming news in the broader context of this episode’s theme: the value of video games.

6 Responses

  1. Adam Straughan

    Taylor are you going to upload this to iTunes/Android market place to make it available for people who want to subscribe to it?

  2. A J

    Nice job! What an eclectic panel for the first podcast, and it totally worked. I listened to you guys while working and it was so entertaining. Like laugh out loud entertaining. At times it was a bit raw, but no complaints from me, I felt like it came together quite nicely. Plus, I loved that it was super honest. Well done, guys! Well done. Next podcast, please. Too soon? 🙂