People say that video games are about violence, rot the brain, and help encourage bad behavior; not this one. Nico & Draco is a video game targeted for kids between the ages of three and six years old.

Nico loves blackberry jam; especially the jam that his mother makes and she sends Nico out in the forest to gather blackberries and there he finds a new friend, Draco.

Nico & Draco is an interactive storybook series developed by G4M3 Studios to help teach kids values through fun games and stories. It has educational games for kids to improve their problem solving skills, coordination as well as learning about dinosaurs! Not only that but kids can learn both English and Spanish at the same time playing this game.

Emotional education (i.e. learning to empathize with people) is crucial. The first chapter of Nico & Draco will show them values as empathy and making new friends have a huge importance in life. All the chapters will help kids gain reading comprehension and expand their vocabulary as well as learning the special friendship between Nico & Draco.

Written by the awarded Spanish writer Victoria Pérez Escrivà, the game is presented as a bilingual storybook in both English and Spanish. The educational game focuses on empathy, and is aimed at younger children.  It was designed with the help of a psychologist specialized on digital education

Nico & Draco is available in the iTunes and Google Play store.