Whether its the entrance of a boss enemy, the unexpected twist, or the presentation of a seemingly insurmountable challenge, we have all had those holy Sh*t moments in gaming. We’ve all had those moments when we just wanted to say “Nope!” and either run away screaming, or walk away from the controller.


Our adventures in the grand world of Rapture are filled with memorable moments. One such moment is the first time you are trapped by the very dangerous Andrew Ryan. Not only are you encased in a room with mostly glass walls, but a horde of splicers also await you. Their banging and hollering, mixed with terrifying musical accompaniment blended together to send me running for the hills.

Resident Evil 5


Resident Evil 4 was a masterpiece of overblown zombie goodness and creepy chanting cults. One thought I always had while shooting at zombies who slowly creeped towards me was “Hey, at least they can’t run!”. Resident Evil 5 changed that, and the first encounter with a sprinting flesh hungry beast made me want to walk away from the controller. Nope.



P.T. was released in 2014 to much acclaim and hype. A teaser for Silent Hills, it was enough to make fans scream in utter terror. But one moment “Nope!” moment had to come when turning the corner and seeing a towering shadowy figure just feet away from you. The only way to continue was to approach her, which was paired with the lights blowing out.

Halo: Combat Evolved

The Iconic title that started a legacy, Halo: Combat Evolved, introduced us to a fearsome new enemy, The Flood. These parasitic undead hordes sought to feed upon every life form in existence, they also had a hankering for Spartan. The Library was a divisive level, in which there are a few moments where you are surrounded by Flood or running from them for you very survival. The disgusting moans, groans, and particularly disgusting squishy noises that filled your ears made the entire experience a wholly uncomfortable and menacing affair.

Left 4 Dead 2


The terrifying character in Left for Dead 2 who simply wept in a corner brought out the child in many players. The allure to mess with something you KNOW you shouldn’t mess with was just too strong. It also brought out a players inner child when they ran away screaming in fear as the lanky ghoulish witch chased after them in blind fury.

Outlast Whistleblower


The terrifying outlast series has caused many to utter profanities while running away screaming but the Character Eddie Gluskin has NOPE written all over him. The terrifying character tortures and castrates his victims in a desperate search for love, always with a toothy grin on his face. Every encounter with him made me want to walk away slowly, and then run screaming like mad.

Destiny: Vault of Glass


Before it was glitched to death, and subsequently patched, many players had to face the challenge of beating the Vault of Glass by finding out it’s secrets on their own. If one player did not fulfill his or her duty, the entire team could wipe in one swift move. The endless hours of challenge would be enough to drive any gamer to rage quit.

Deadspace 2


Dead Space is a stressful and horrifying experience overall, but a different level of anxiety was achieved during the sequence in which you must perform eye surgery on yourself with a superpowered laser. One wrong move would turn you into a bloody mess.

Guitar Hero 3


By the end of the game, many people were experts at Guitar Hero. But few were prepared for the greatest challenge awaiting them in the song “Through the Fire and the Flames”. As the notes cascaded down the screen many a shoulder slouched in defeat, as they walked away from their guitars.

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  1. Shorty C

    Yeah, that Vault of Glass is seriously difficult – especially running past those things that look like Hydras? Or jumping on those rocks before they disappear.. my advice about playing Destiny in general: DO NOT PICK HUNTER! 😛

    Their jumping ability sucks.. 😉