Star Trek Online will feature the voices of many of the original Voyager cast, Perfect World Entertainment Inc. and Cryptic Studios announced today.

Expanding on the current Voyager theme of the Star Trek Online: Delta Rising , Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Ethan Phillips (Neelix), and Robert Picardo (The Doctor) will join Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) and Tim Russ (Tuvok) to reprise their characters from Voyager.

This announcement accompanies news that Star Trek Online: Delta Rising launches later this year, an expansion based 32 years after the events of Star Trek: Voyager.

The game, which is a Free-To-Play Massively Multiplayer Online, where the player takes the role of either a Captain of a Federation Starship or a Klingon Warrior, exploring the universe and uncovering its secrets. The previous update allowed players to to rebuild the Romulan legacy as the commander of a Romulan Republic Warbird.

Star Trek Online has had reasonably positive reception by reviewers and fans alike, improving with time from the original release. You can download the game here.