Ever read The Diary of Anne Frank? Or One Thousand Paper Cranes? Ever watch The Graves of Fireflies? These three have one thing in common: They are stories about struggling in war. It’s not just about living off rations and staying with your family. It’s about coping with loss of possessions, loss of family, and even loss of life; whether it be of their own or  loved ones. The new game This War of Mine from 11 Bit Studios shares this theme.

This game takes the player through the daily lives of people struggling to survive in a war torn location. The in game events and atmosphere are strongly inspired by real stories of survivals from civilians who lived through the horrors of war and bear a striking resemblance to the team’s friends and families; making this game very near and dear to their hearts.

Throughout the different generations of history, war has really been sensationalized; making the general public desensitized from the truth about war; it may bring finance to governments but it’s the people who are fighting the war or even simply living in the war zones who end up paying for it; whether it be with their lives or the lives of their loved ones, feeling hatred from others because the war is against people of a similar background, or simply because they were taken away from their homes unwillingly and this game brings that sense  of “This can happen to anyone” to the player.

The player will have to make difficult choices to try and survive these war torn lands that could possibly jeopardize the lives of their loved ones.

This War of Mine comes out for PC and mobile platforms later this year for $19.99.