Growing up, did you want to do magic? Not the illusionary magic but the wizzy wizard kind of magic? Did you love Crystal Maze and television programmes of the like? Then look no further. An independent game developer company called Stormborn Studio are behind Runes: The Forgotten Path, where you become a wizard.

By using cutting edge technology like the Oculus Rift, people will be able to seriously immerse themselves into the world of magic. If you’re more of the “I want to play a game and not be in it” (also known as “old school gaming”) then using the analog sticks on a controller, such as the Playstation 3, will also be an option for players. Stormborn Studios want people to get in on the action of their game; they want a dynamic style of gaming taken to the next level. They want their players to go head to head with strong foes, chasing down enemies, and wandering around superb environments that you wish truly existed outside of the game.

“We want more. More than limited gaming styles. More choice when it comes to controlling our character. More narrative depth. More atmosphere. The first thing we want to create, with Runes, is a rich engaging experience, that can be customized at any time during gameplay. We want fun and freedom. That’s one of the reasons we came up with the rune system, the true heart of our game” said Giacomo Lucchini, founder of Stormborn Studiorune

Players will be able to either wave their hands about or move their analog sticks to create different symbols of magic to create unique spells that are catered for their own unique wizard character.  Spells are broken down like this:

  • Four elemental runes (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water)
  • Six compound elemental runes
  • 10 pre-made elemental symbols

Doing the math, the player will be able to have around 100 unique spells of their own.

The spells that the players will create and use will ensure that they will think about what strategies they can use to solve problems and battles. As soon as the wizard takes the casting stance, time slows down which will allow the player to cast their spells and even change the spells as often as needed or wanted!

Many experienced fantasy players will most likely ask the question: Is there a Mana pool and the very long winded answer to that question is: No.

To watch their trailer of Runes, please go here.

To ensure that Runes and their future projects are possible to pursue, they ask that people join their mailing list  here so they know that there’s a market for them to start a crowd funding page. A really exchange is that they are in the process of making a playable demo!

Help bring this magic into present day so we all can become wizards (without the need for those stuffy wizard academies!)