Season 6 of Game of Thrones has come and gone and now we must wait another 8 months. But for a lot of actors, this show will no longer be a source of employment for them. Many on this list only joined for Season 6, but for the ones who have been here for multiple, our many thanks go out! This show wouldn’t be the same without its terrific cast.

What is dead may never die! Because there is always hope the White Walkers will raise you for a cameo!

Deaths in Northern Storylines:

Ramsay Bolton: Death by Dogs is perfect for him. He was such a Bastard in more ways than one. 10/10.

280B2A2B00000578-0-image-m-21_1430117195871Roose Bolton: Son’s betrayal seems fitting. Was a treasonous oathbreaker as well, so I can’t say I will miss him. 9/10.

Rickon Stark: Never spoke a word after not appearing in multiple seasons. SHOULD HAVE ZIGZAGGED 1/10.

Osha the Wildling: Clearly just wrapping up lose ends here. 1/10.

Walda Bolton: Liked this actress a lot, R.I.P. fat Walda! Good foreshadowing towards Ramsay’s death too! 5/10.

Harald Karstark: Not seen dead, but was not present at Winterfell so assuming he is dead. 1/10.

Smalljon Umber: Was a badass, but much preferred his father’s actor. Would have preferred a true single combat death too. 3/10.

Othell Yawick and Bowen Marsh: You know, the dudes who also stabbed Jon during what seems like an eternity ago? I’m glad they included them, they were both in the show for a long time. 5/10.

Alliser Thorne: Awesome actor, awesome closing speech. For the Watch! 7/10.

Olly: I hate you. Seeing his purple face hang was justice. One of my favorite parts of Season 6. 10/10.

Wun Wun: Giants are so awesome. Seeing him fight through all that pain was tear-jerking. So glad they went that route. 9/10.

Deaths in Brandon’s Storyline:season 6

Hodor: No matter how good the ending of this season was, I’ll never forget the amazing twist with Hodor’s ending. I actually cried at this. 10/10. Hope to see him get a cameo as a Wight.

Brynden Rivers AKA Three-Eyed Raven: Max von Sydow was someone I was looking forward to the whole off-season. His death was very anticlimactic, but his spot on the show was so cool. 8/10.

Leaf: Very cool twist with the Children as well. Her sacrifice was just and cool, but did little to stop the army of the dead. 6/10.

Deaths in King’s Landing Storylines:

Tommen Baratheon: Weak character who dies in the ultimate weak way. Am I the only one who couldn’t help but notice his crown did NOT fit his head? 5/10.

Margaery Tyrell: Felt sour losing a 4 season battle with the Lannisters because she trusted the Sparrow and his foolishness got her killed. She was great since season 2. 8/10.

Loras Tyrell: Was disappointed he gave in so easily. He was a great fighter at one point, and its always sad to see those types of characters lose like this. 2/10.

Mace Tyrell: Was doubly-sad to see him go, his whole family was taken from him before his own life was as well. 5/10.

The High Sparrow: Jonathon Price was brilliant, but I HATED this character. I was preying to the Seven that the crazy theories about him were true, but it looks like he was just another roadblock on the way to the War of Ice and Fire. 8/10.

Lancel Lannister: Came a long way from clueless squire bullied by a king. Another actor that was in since season 1! That stab wound must have been poisoned though or something righttttt? 6/10.

Kevan Lannister: Also cool to see some one from season 1 make it through season 6. Would have much preferred his book death though. It was even slightly set up! 5/10.

Grand Maester Pycelle: He got Kevan’s book death sort of. I was glad to see him die, but I would have MUCH preferred if it was via the Mountain. 7/10.

Septa Unella: Assuming she is not going to last THAT long. Very cool revenge for Cersei as well as getting to see Gregor without the mask. 9/10.

Deaths in Arya’s Storylines:

season 6The Waif: The girl assassin, never actually called that by Arya in the show, to my knowledge. Stupid character and off screen death. Ruined the whole plot for me. 1/10.

Lady Crane: Cool character, was hoping something more than just a simple death. 2/10.

Black Walder Rivers and Lothar Frey: Offscreen zzzz. 1/10.

Walder Frey: Very cool to see her first real kill as a free woman. The Starks send their pies! 9/10. If only Cat was around to see it…

Deaths in Daenery’s Storylines:

Daario Naharis: I’m saying that scene was his final one on the show. Was a proper send-off for a confused character. 6/10.

Jorah Mormont: Since there is no known cure for Greyscale, I would assume he too is gone, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he found one somewhere. If this was his last scene, it was also very emotional for me. 9/10.

Razdal Mo Eras (Wise Master of Yunkai): I really like seeing old actors return on this show. It makes it feel like a persistent universe. 6/10.

Belicho Paenymion of Volantis: Wish we got to see more from Volantis, it’s a really cool city. Pointless character though, really. 2/10.

Khal Moro and other Khals: Was one of the coolest scenes of Season 6. His death was sort of lame, though. He could have done something other than just stand there and die, but I’m glad it went that way. 6/10.

Deaths in Other Storylines:

Brother Ray: Ian McShane could have done so much more, but the scenes themselves were magical. His death was foreshadowing something that didn’t happen either, so I’m torn. 7/10.

Lem Lemoncloak: Again, this made it seem like they were doing Lady Stoneheart. But they didn’t. Hate how he tried to beg too at the last moment. What a clown. 1/10.

Brynden Tully aka the Blackfish: What a freaking joke. This was a true low point for Season 6, and an embarrassment for all book readers. One of the last veterans of the Rebellions, he dies OFF-SCREEN? And then they have the nerve to say he was killed by a common foot soldier in episode 10? The only thing I can think is Clive Russell was woefully inept at sword fighting, and that’s why they kept making those jokes, because that was pathetic. ZERO/10.

Balon Greyjoy: Finally. Took way too long for this story to develop. Never liked him. 5/10.

Doran Martell: Another ridiculous plot with seemingly no direction, at least until episode 10. 2/10.

Trystane Martell: Would have liked to see him fight. Seemed like he had a decent shot. 3/10.

Aero Hotah: Another incredibly big insult for fans of the universe. Aero Hotah is an amazing warrior and one to be feared in the books. Like the Blackfish in many ways. He dies without ever swinging his weapon in the show. Pathetic. ZERO/10.


So that’s 40 named character deaths in a single season of Game of Thrones. Pretty nuts. Thanks again to all the actors and actresses who participated in Season 6. What is dead may never die!

Did I miss any? Let me know below!