Technology isn’t just about making our lives more convenient or fun but it’s also about ensuring that there is a future for many years to come and there are companies whom take that idea very seriously; so seriously that they are willing to break ground and bring a more conscious consumer product here sooner than too late. Although Japan has been kicking this idea around for a handful of years, the idea is now coming to fruition thanks to Audi and Toyota – the cars that are fueled by Hydrogen.

At the recent LA Auto Show, Toyota showcased their new car , the Mirai, looking like it was designed by the X-Men and fueled by next generation technology. Look underneath the Mirai and there are two high pressured hydrogen tanks that power a permanent magnetic electric motor which drives the front wheels with a similar powerful performance to the current average family hatchback.

Most people will worry about how many miles they can get with one full charge, but Toyota states that a person can get 300 miles out of one single charging, withthe only emissions being.water vapor from the tailpipe. This makes the car a very green one indeed. Today, a lot of electric cars need on average 20 minutes to refuel but the Mirai (with the correct infrastructure) can be refueled between three and five minutes!

The other automotive giant that is making their own mark in this small niche is Audi. Not only does their version use hydrogen but to ensure that their future customers feel secure in using an alternatively powered vehicle, they have added rechargeable lithium ion battery packs. The A7 h-tron is a saloon which has four hydrogen tanks; storing five litres of hydrogen in each tank; allowing the driver to drive an average of 250 miles using all tanks however, adding the lithium ion battery packs, it will drive for 340 miles. Not only that but the A7 h-tron boasts a 0 to 62 mph sprint time in eight seconds and a top speed of 111 mph.

Unfortunately, hydrogen power is still in its infancy, making charging stations extremely rare however, with more environmentally conscious consumers seeking alternatively fueled vehicles, it won’t be long until the fossil fueled vehicles are considered antiques.

Goodbye petrol, hello hydrogen!