Being a gamer and doing a hard core buckling down gaming session normally means many naughty treats , sugary drinks, and your eyes kept open for at least 24 hours as  you get that platinum trophy for the 100 percent completion of a game. As we get older, however, we can’t game like that anymore. Some of us bring our friends over and even cater for them – make it a snazzy gaming session. Needing inspiration, where do we look?

How about following instruction from a YouTuber named Rosanna Pansino and her Nerdy Nummies! She has made quite a bit of pastries that are nerdy/geeky/gamer feel to it such as Minecraft Rice Krispy Treats, How to Make a Lego Cake, How to Make a Castle Cake, SpongeBob Lemon Bars, Donkey Kong Cake, and even Starcraft Mineral Cupcakes!

lego cake

Easy Lego Cake!

You won’t need any actual professional baking equipment; just what you would normally have at home so don’t get overwhelmed by the titles! For a definite beginner style, try her Lego Cake where you’d  need a pre-made cake mix (follow the instructions on the back) and rather than using a professional Lego mold, use marshmallows for the top!

These are great ideas to bring to those gaming sessions; whether it’s with consoles, rolling some dice, or even straight up Texas Hold ’ems; these treats will give your friends fond memories of being at your house and request a repeat visit as soon as possible!

Check our Rosanna’s YouTube channel here and start making some “Nerdy Nummies” today!

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  1. Erik Nye

    I love Rosanna Pansino’s channel! My fiance and I watch her all the time.