If you search for either the title of the game, or simply just Fallout, the first thing you are going to notice is that everyone is talking about this little extremely addictive mobile game called Fallout Shelter. Right now it is only available for the iOS, but already in the making for the Android. Having been launched right on the heels of Bethesda‘s press conference on E3, this game was, and has been, on the minds of not only the most hardcore fans of the franchise since it’s release, but also of the more casual mobile gamers. And the best part? You don’t have to spend a single penny on it, it is completely free to play, and not pay to win.

Now you have to wonder though, “if this game is completely free, how is it doing so well?”. Well, here’s the thing; people are actually using the in-game transactions, and it’s all because they are loving the game to the point where the huge amount of content they have at their disposal is not enough to keep them satisfied! Really, the game has been around for only four weeks and has already banked in over 1.5 million dollars, according to SuperData. A free to play mobile game is actually making money almost as a full fledged triple A platform game, and it hasn’t even hit the hands of the Android users yet. Again, free to play, and in no way pay to win, as all resources and special content can be achieved by completing simple tasks in game.


Fallout Shelter was launched as a little way to give the franchise’s fans something to do while waiting for the new game, and as a way to bring awareness to the upcoming game of the series that has been stale for over five years now, with their last selling title being Fallout: New Vegas in October of 2010. Now, most of the more enthusiastic fans of the franchise have been dreaming of the day they’d see the doors of the Bethesda vault open to reveal their next big hit, but if you’re not part of that particular group of gamers, then maybe there would have been a small chance this announcement went right over your head, even more if you weren’t keeping an eye on E3 this year.

This is where our little mobile game comes in to save the day. With the amount of hype and success around it, everyone has been playing, talking, sharing and searching it from the moment it was released on the iOS store. With the way things are going, that hype train doesn’t look like it’s anywhere near stopping, much less when we still have all the Android players dying to get their hands on it and the speculated release date for it drawing nearer every day, estimated to be somewhere in August this year.



When it comes down to it, the formula for the success of Fallout Shelter is actually really simple. It’s a simple, time-killer type of fun, completely free game that doesn’t even require access to the internet at all times, that doesn’t make you wait long to get the resources needed to help you progress in the game, and that has the random factor every time you start a new vault. You never have the same challenge, or adventure, or dwellers. Replay as many times as you want, name your vault o your heart’s desire, send your dwellers in amazing explorations on the wilderness, fend off scavengers and Radroaches to keep your vault and dwellers safe, and thrive as the world around you falls to its knees. You’re the Overseer now, control everything and everyone from the palm of your hand, and try to make it to the end of the Fallout alive.