Noobist Podcast Episode 10: Pokemon Sun & Moon, MWC!

Yay! Pokemon Sun and Moon! For our 10th episode of the Noobist Podcast we are joined again by my dear friend, Nova. We talk about the new Pokemon games and all of the goodness that happened at MWC 2016. We discuss what we loved about it, what we didn’t, and along with other things, these following topics:

  • What piqued our interest at MWC, the possibilities and innovations
  • Laptop Technology vs. Tablet & Phone
  • VR Technology – Pros, Cons, and the Future
  • Mobile Technology & its advances
  • The Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge
  • Smart Phone Tech – water resistance, getting cheaper, smaller
  • Smart Watches – Pros & Cons
  • Curved Screens
  • The Walking Dead: Michonne Demo, Graphic Novels, TV Show
  • Game of Thrones – Telltale Series
  • Tales From The Borderlands – Telltale Series
  • Mortal Kombat – YouTube Live-Action Series
  • Rhonda Rousey’s move to acting, potential casting for Captain Marvel
  • Haywire (2011)
  • New Pokemon – expectations, possibilities

Intro/Outro – Contour Purplheart.