Many older fans of the epic Star Wars saga have come to know Obi Wan as the wise sage, the voice of reason and guidance for our hero. As the universe and lore have expanded, we see a different picture of the wise Jedi Master, one that makes me think that perhaps, the galaxy would have been better off without him.


You couldn’t have run a step or two faster Obi Wan?

Let us begin with the film many (including myself) would rather forget, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.  After a lackluster performance against the menacing (see what I did there?) Darth Maul, Obi wan arrives just in time to watch his Master Perish. My biggest issue with this is that moments before this scene we see Obi Wan leap 30 or 40 feet in the air! The young padawan could perform this superhuman ability, but could not pull an Indiana Jones and slide into the chamber?

Geonosian_containment_fieldLet us not forget the Geniosian debacle of Episode 2. After eavesdropping on Count Dooku and other trade federation leaders, he gets himself captured. After being captured, his slaughter is made into a spectacle. This culminates in a large scale battle in an arena, in which Jango Fett is killed, and his son Boba becomes the most fearsome bounty hunter in the galaxy. Thanks for playing your part in helping create that monster too Obi Wan. All of this, playing out in a rescue mission that never would have happened had he not been captured in the first place.


“I loved you!”… Just not enough to pull you out.


When Obi Wan isn’t blindly jumping into combat with droids, or getting captured, he’s letting his pals become Jedi jerky. I understand that by the Jedi Code, Obi Wan is bound to kill his old friend, but at least kill the guy! While some would argue that Obi Wan did not wish to see Anakin die, and assumed his injuries would be too much, why didn’t he return to finish the job when he didn’t feel Anakin dying through the force? Why would a member of an order that promotes mercy, not have delivered the final blow? As his master, Obi Wan should have known better than anyone, his padawan’s intense power within the force. Letting him live makes no sense strategically or morally.


Just finish the job!


Now that we have seen what part Obi Wan played in the creation of one of the strongest Sith Lords known to the galaxy, let us jump from the silver screen onto the page. In Star Wars Legacy, we follow Cade Skywalker, Lukes Grandson. This drug addicted, morally bankrupt pirate makes an enemy out of a fearsome warrior of the dark side, Darth Krayt. This Sith Lord would go on to murder millions of innocents, and through genocide, almost completely wipe out the Mon Calamari.


Quite far along in the series, readers will discover that Darth Krayt was once a powerful Jedi Master. Obi Wan Kenobi discovers A’sharad Hett, a former Jedi, defending a Tusken encampment from settlers. Master Hett is not forgiving in his actions however, brutally slaughtering settlers. Obi Wan challenges Master Hett’s actions and battles him to the death. After defeating Hett, Obi Wan banished the fallen Jedi from ever returning to Tattoine, and in his travels among the stars Hett fell to the Dark Side Becoming Darth Krayt.

And finally, that mysterious business on Cato Neimoidia, where Anakin saved Obi Wan’s skin. We may never know what it was, but it probably led to creating a Lord of the Sith… somehow.



2 Responses

  1. Zee Zee Ramone

    Don’t forget on Tatooine he changes his first name but NOT HIS LAST when he goes into hiding. Not to mention, why didn’t he start training Luke sooner? In fact if he was just going to hang out on Tatooine as well, why didn’t he just raise him? He really is just the worst.

  2. flutter

    Seriously don’t get me started. Episodes one and two simply murdered the whole franchise, not just our legendary Obi. I agree with Zee Zee here. Why, knowing what he did, didn’t he take Luke in sooner? We saw the younglings, we know that they take ’em in young. Argh! such a beautiful memory of childhood ruined by modern Hollywood. Hooray for Hollywood. (see what I did there?)