The Noobist isn’t dead yet! You may have noticed that The Noobist has been quiet lately. That’s because a catastrophic file loss a couple months ago left us limping. We thought about giving up . . .

. . . but there are still people on the Internet who are WRONG and need to be told what’s up!

As you can see, is back up and running! We’re still working on NoobistTV and a brand new .wiki domain. Stay tuned!

The Noobist talks nerdy to the universe. We publish technology, gaming, and entertainment news; fan fiction and comics; no-holds-barred editorials; and all sorts of nerdgasmic content. We also have a budding Twitch and YouTube presence.

We have all sorts of volunteer positions available, including but not limited to:

|| Editor
|| Staff Writer
|| Broadcaster
|| Video Director
|| Forum Administrator
|| Wiki SYSOP
|| and last but not least, Director of World Domination

Send us an e-mail or gtfo: Peace.