Reddit calls itself “The Front Page of the Internet” for a good reason. It is chock full of subreddits that focus on specific topics. Everything from “Explain it to me like I’m 5” to adult themed content is a simple thumb press away on your smartphone. Reddit just so happens to be a fantastic home for geeks of all types as well. So, here is the list of geek-cred subreddits that will keep you busy while your boss is not watching. (Ed. Note. Writers on Noobist, your bosses are watching. Trust.)

No. 10


This Subreddit caters to video gamers who might not own the latest PCs or consoles. It’s a place that helps people find great games that aren’t on Xbox One, WiiU or PS4 and don’t require you to have the most powerful technical specs if you’re a PC gamer.

I’ve found some great video games thanks to this subreddit such as Planescape: Torment and Dungeons of Dredmor. There also are a lot of great deals to be found if you’re a frugal gamer such as myself. It’s nice knowing that there are others who don’t have to have the latest and greatest games while still considering themselves serious gamers.

No. 9

This subreddit is the perfect place to get your role-playing fix.
Whether you find a heated discussion on “The Most Stunning Acts of Revenge in Fantasy,” a thread with suggestions from fellow Redditors on great fantasy novels, or an array of great AMAs (Ask me Anything) with all sorts of different fantasy authors, this is the perfect place for any fantasy geek to find like-minded fans.

No. 8


This is the one-stop-shop for all things geeky, be it technology, Dr. Who, Star Wars, gaming, all things to do with Joss Whedon, or “Game of  Thrones,” just to start the list.

I see /r/geek as a good place to start if you’re not yet in touch with your inner geek.

No. 7


You can’t have a list of geeky things on Reddit without mentioning comic books, and /r/comicbooks is the biggest and longest-running comics subreddit out there.

Some of the things trending there lately include the latest Justice Mag featuring Batgirl, the new trailer for the superhero movie “Big Hero 6,” or the rumor that there will be multiple Jokers featured on the upcoming TV show “Gotham,” airing on Fox this September.

I tend to check out /r/comicbooks when I feel the need to scratch my itch for superhero news, as there’s a lot to see.

No. 6


Now you can easily find any kind of subreddit featuring all sorts of individual video games, but I chose this one because there’s such a large contingent of Minecraft fans to this day who are bringing all sorts of innovative, fresh ideas for the game. Whether it’s entertaining mods, gigantic worlds, contraptions and/or fairly frequent AMAs with the creators, this place has all you could ever need when it comes to the building phenomenon.

Some of my favorite recent items posted on the sub include the Minecraft version of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s lab under the laundromat in “Breaking Bad,” or a video including a tutorial on how to create a sweet-looking sports car without any mods installed.

If you’re a longtime Minecraft player, the search tool comes in handy with this sub as there are thousands of useful things to be found that might not be on today’s Front Page (the most popular recent posts in most cases).

No. 5


The title here pretty much explains it all. This sub finds crazy/nerd/fun subreddits that you might not believe actually exist.

Some of the craziest subs I’ve found thanks to /r/wowthissubexists include /r/Iamafiction (an Ask Me Anything for fictional characters), /r/AwfulEyebrows and /r/Breakinginthemiddle, which is a sub featuring  Malcolm in the Middle screenshots captioned with Breaking Bad quotes and vice versa. Definitely check out this sub if you’re looking for some crazy new subs to tap into.

No. 4


Any real nerd knows that outer space is one of the core tenets of this culture.

Way before Hollywood started capitalizing off of nerd culture, there was a core group of people out there writing about and/or discussing whether or not there is water on Mars and speculating when someone might finally get around to inventing a jump drive so people can start reaching all of the universe’s galaxies.

This sub is definitely the place to be if you’re interested in all things related to Earth’s backyard.

No. 3


Looking for the latest trends in technology, news about the latest developments in the net neutrality fight or places to use your Bitcoins? This is the place to be, my friend.
Just glancing at this sub, I learned that it turns out that people who use Google Chrome might be killing their laptop battery’s life and that the world’s first thorium reactor has been designed. The longer you dig around this sub the more you learn, so dig in if you’re looking for the latest tech trends.

No. 2

The truth is indeed out there and this sub will fill you in on the latest UFO sightings. This sub’s mods do a great job at making sure all posts have to do with UFOs or aliens, asking that anything else be relegated to the appropriate subs (things like Bigfoot sightings or conspiracy theories.)

And finally, my last Sub to help you properly nerd out on Reddit is …

No. 1

This is my list and I reserve the right to include a sub dedicated to my favorite nerd girl, the lovely Felicia Day.
As you might imagine, this sub is filled with plenty of fanboy/fangirl stuff, but you also can find the occasional AMA with her and info about her latest TV spots, YouTube shows or photos. Whether you’re into “The Guild,” “Supernatural” or her Geek and Sundry Network, you’ll find something here on Miss Day.