For a lot of people, Halloween is the holiday where people can show off their love for dressing up in over the top outfits. Here’s my ideas for what could count as a show of nerdy love during this spooky season.

My List:

10. Being the typical ghost, mummy, witch, fairy, etc.: these are the typical things that people dress up as; whether it be kids or adults that are into the spirit for a specific reason and it’s not really something they think about; using clothes that they have already.

9. Buying/Renting proper costumes – Halloween means slightly more to these people but they still are the typical costumes that can be bought at a party store or even the supermarket. These people will even go as far as buying a latex mask!

8. B rated Cosplay: These are the costumes that are supposed to really look like whatever character they’re portraying but it didn’t turn out as well as in their head.

7. Seriously cartoon like costume – those Cosplay looking costumes that need to be worked on more and don’t look like they’re made out of cardboard or their Wolverine claws are made from foam and duct tape (and you can clearly tell!)

6. Movie/TV character costumes – these Cosplayers dress up like their favorite movie character – whether it be Hannibal Lecter, The Doctor, Indiana Jones, Jason, or Cartman.

5. Video Game Character Costumes – these costumes are like Drake, Prince of Persia, Michael (from GTA V), Hitman, Tomb Raider, etc. Like the movie/tv people, they have the clothes and looks down. Some may even start to look physically similar to the characters they are portraying.

4. Anime Cosplay – A lot of people love Anime but those who don’t know a lot of Anime outside of Akira or any Studio Ghibli; they would consider these cosplay people more of the “nerds” of Halloween or costume play in general.

3. Playing a Hardly Known Character – Play Ripley in the metal machine suit or the girl from Pan’s Labyrinth. People in this category may portray a character that not many know about unless a serious follower.

2. Urban Legend Costume – Be a Creepy Pasta character, the Moth Man, or something to that extent and it will be a nerdy costume.

Iron Man SP1. The ultimate “nerdy” costume; regardless of season/holiday has to be a well known character cosplay but made into the person’s own style. For instance, at the San Diego Comic Con this year, a guy won the best costume award because he had an Iron Man costume but in Steampunk style. The intricacy of the genre of Steampunk alone is amazing; making an Iron Man suit in that style is a step more difficult; making this the number one most nerdiest costume style to be listed because it’s making it your own.

That’s what being nerdy is about – being a die hard fan of something; loving it so much and paying homage to it. Regardless of what subject matter in life; whether it be make up, clothes, music, movies, cars, computing, and so on. If it makes life meaningful, then yes, you are a nerd in that sense.



2 Responses

  1. A J

    I loved how you did groupings of costumes, instead of just listing specific costumes. Also, I couldn’t agree with you more about your number one pick. Making a well known character cosplay costume into your own style should be at the top of the list as far as “nerdiest” costumes go…and it’s also incredibly entertaining.