Star Wars Rebels returned back from winter break in big fashion bringing back a familiar face to all Star Wars fans but in a role we have yet to see her truly play. Strap in and and hit the hyperdrive but watch out for asteroids (spoilers) because this week’s Rebels recap is flying your way.

Fooling the empire

Mercy Mission

A Princess on Lothal picks up where the winter break left us and that is with Ezra still dealing with the loss of his parents all over again. Hera gets in communication with Kanan makes mention that Senator Organa is sending ships in support. If you know your Star Wars lore then you will remember Darth Vader telling Leia in A New Hope that she wasn’t on some mercy mission when she tried to hide the fact she stole the Death Star plans. Her trip to Lothal is exactly that or at least it is on the surface and you have to wonder how many times she was able to pull off helping the Rebellion right under the Empire’s noses.

Kanan hopes that their next mission of acquiring the ships will help Ezra get out of his funk. Dressed as a stormtrooper and a cadet they head into the city to meet up with the young Princess of Alderaan. Leia has that aristocratic edge we see briefly in A New Hope as she is quick to order Kanan and Ezra around but problems quickly arise. Her plans are quickly scrapped as the Empire’s security has been stepped up and the hopes of Kanan and company stealing the relief ships are thrown out the window. Underestimating the Empire causes Leia to take Kanan and Ezra with her as they regroup only to find that Ryder and Chopper have been captured by a unit of stormtroopers.

Plan B

Timely Rescue

It’s Hera, Zeb and Sabine to the rescue when she shows up with the Ghost causing a distraction that allows all four plus Chopper to escape without giving away that Princess Leia is assisting the Rebels or that the stormtroopers with her aren’t what they seem. With a little nudge from Kanan, Leia and Ezra bond briefly over the similarities they share being young and having a world of responsibility on their shoulders. Kanan and company come up with a plan B to help release the 3 ships Leia brought and it involves a bit of trickery. A distraction and some aerial support enable Sabine to take off in one of the ships but a still active AT-AT poses some problems for Leia, Kanan and Ezra. Quick work from Kanan and Ezra with a little help from the force enable the crew to finally escape Lothal with the ships Alderaan supplied and the Imperials none the wiser that Leia was involved.

A fun episode that gives us glimpse at a young Princess Leia and the woman she will become. A Princess on Lothal does in a good job in showing the Rebellion growing and that there are planets out their willing to help, if not directly. The Empire comes off looking gullible and foolish despite the amped up security and you have to wonder how the Emperor will strike back. A Princess on Lothal is an episode to ease you back after the long winter break and the release of The Force Awakens and keeps you looking forward to the future.

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