EGX’s Rezzed area had a wide variety of upcoming Indie games, including Volume.

Volume is the next game from the developer of Thomas Was Alone Mike Bithell. Volume is a top down puzzle stealth game with a similar theme to the Metal Gear Solid virtual reality (VR) missions.  The primary objective is to sneak through the map and steal the gems using all the tools at your disposal to avoid any chance of detection .


The demo showed off a few of the gadgets such as the Bugle, this is a tool that you can throw using the Left Mouse Button (LMB) and then ‘detonate’ by again using LMB. anything within the radius will be distracted and head towards the origin of the sound. The Folly, This device allows you to place a tripwire between two walls, if a guard crosses the trip wire they will be electrocuted and temporarily knocked out. Last but certainly not least is the Figment, this caught my interest the most, it allows you to create a ghostly version of yourself that sprints forwards for a short distance which the guards will go hunting for like futuristic Ghostbusters, giving you an opening to sneak on through and gather up all those delicious gems.


For those of you who have played Thomas Was Alone, you will remember the tremendous narration by Danny Wallace. Good news! he’s back and better than ever. This time he is accompanied by Charlie McDonnell. Mike has talked about the fact that having actors in the same room, gives a much more authentic back and forth conversation. He certainly isn’t wrong, The conversation between the two actors is pulled off with absolute perfection and will definitely be one of the major highlights of the full game.

Volume is scheduled to be released early 2015.