Fear The Walking Dead

Last week it was announced on The Talking Dead that Fear the Walking Dead was picked up for a third season. I was surprised because while the show seems to be slowly getting better, it hasn’t done enough to keep me as keyed in like The Walking Dead. Fear the Walking Dead kicked off this season by alerting the viewer that being at sea isn’t as safe as it sounds. The show has yet to truly capitalize on that, but Ouroubous finally introduces us to the characters from Flight 462.


Boat Troubles

Strand’s secret plans don’t seem to be going as well as he hoped while a strange noise in the night interrupts Madison and Travis trying to have some alone time. Something has clogged one valve or bother causing the boat to come a standstill. The friction between Strand and Madison is rising, but Travis steps up and takes a dip to see what he can do to fix the clog. A clog caused by a walker or is it swimmer? Strand tries to order Travis around, but Travis quickly puts a stop to that when he makes it clear he is the only one who can fix the boat.

Going Ashore

Daniel walks in on Ophelia to see her gunshot wound from season one has become infected. Ophelia it appears wants to trust Madison, but Daniel is adamant that it is only each other that they can rely one. Alicia makes a find when she spots a bunch of luggage stranded on a nearby beach. Before Daniel leads the mission to land, he informs Madison of what Strand is keeping secret. The luggage appears to be from a plane crash, perhaps Flight 462 and a goldmine for the group who is in need of supplies.

Madison is keeping watch on the boat while back on land, Chris foolishly wanders off on his own. If given the chance, it appears that Alicia and Nick will be able to reconnect despite the world ending. Chris finds himself near the main cabin of the plane where he finds one passenger alive. Chris for me reminds me of Carl from the earlier seasons of TWD in which you kind of hope the dead get him. Having seen that Travis is safe, Madison finally confronts Strand on where they are going. Despite their distrust of one another, it appears that come to some type of agreement.


Run for your Life

Daniel Salazar finds some unlikely help in Nick when he is informed that the medication he has won’t help Ophelia. That is about the time that Daniel realizes that Chris is nowhere in sight. Cut to Chris who discovers there is nothing he can do for the surviving passenger and then does a bad job at pummeling him to death. Daniel’s search introduces us to one of the Flight 462 characters running for her life. The danger has just got real. Nick finds some drugs that can help Ophelia and probably hurt his addiction when he finds a zombie half-buried in the sand. His curiosity catches up with him as one misstep leads him very close to being eaten. Alicia is the first to find Chris and that is when they, and everyone else, hear gunshots. The race back to the boat is on as the dead close in. They are fighting walkers with pretty much their bare hands when Nick finally shows up covered in blood to help fend them off. This is a very exciting scene that helps show the true danger of the dead and how our characters will have to adapt to survive.


Ouroboros leaves us with Chris and Nick appearing to lose it a little bit and Strand’s cut-throat take on things spell bad news for the last two remaining survivors of Flight 462. Not allowed on the boat, Travis manages to at least allow Strand to tow them along in their raft. Well, at least until Strand decides to change his mind and cuts the line leaving them to drift at sea. Fear the Walking Dead established a few things in this week’s episode. One, Chris is bound to get himself or the group into danger with his carelessness and that if Daniel doesn’t kill Strand by season’s end, then Madison will.