Fibbage - Mini Review
The Good
  • The use of smartphones as controllers makes the game accessible.
  • The twist on the classic trivia genre makes the game fresh and exciting.
The Bad
  • If trivia isn't your group's style, this game won't be changing that.
85%Overall Score

Fibbage, the new party game from Jackbox Games, creators of You Don’t Know Jack has released for the PlayStation 3 and 4. In a press release, Jackbox Games had this to say:

Fibbage is the studio’s newest, comedy-infused trivia party game. The game challenges players to fool their friends with lies, avoid selecting their friends’ lies, and find the (usually zany) truths to some very unusual facts.

Up to 8 players can play together on their PlayStation®3 system, PlayStation®4 system, Xbox One or Amazon Fire TV, simply by using their mobile phones or tablets (or even laptops) as controllers. Players log in via a website and type in a room code to join the game, thus eliminating the need for multiple controllers and expanding the number of people who can play on a console in one room at a game night or party.

I had the chance to play the game on Xbox One a weekend or two ago at a friend’s apartment warming party. Set up was a cinch, taking only about 30 seconds once everyone had figured out how it worked. The gameplay revolves around multiple choice trivia, with the catch that you make up your own answer to add to the list. Here’s how a round of the game works.

The game asks a trivia question such as “The French have a pastry known as the Nun’s _____”

You make up your own, incorrect but plausible sounding answer.

The game puts up a multiple choice list that includes everyone’s made up answer, as well as the true answer, you try to choose the right answer.

You score points if someone gets fooled by your lie, and if you guess the correct answer.


The questions that the game asks are themselves funny and obscure, allowing for great creativity in making up answers. The game’s fast pace makes sure the fun keeps going. A full game lasts about fifteen minutes and a convenient play again button makes it easier to play longer sessions. The fact that a regular smartphone can be a controller also makes it very accessible. You could even play over the internet if you streamed the video over Twitch.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun trivia game for the whole family at a price that won’t break the bank, I’d recommend Fibbage.