The final 6 minutes of the entire 4 season series are easily the heaviest. Obviously, the action is over, and its likely to be the last time we will ever see Elemental Bending in animated form. Perhaps any form.

But today, we have much to celebrate. Despite the series being over, there are so many marvelous things happening not just in this 6 minutes, but when we look back as well.

I’ll give a brief recap of the importance of this final epilogue, and then leave my final opinions on the Legend of Korra as a whole series.

The Only Possible Conclusion

The Epilogue opens with Bolin standing as patron for Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding. The scene is so utterly beautiful, just watching it back makes me want to watch the entire 4 seasons again. Its easily one of the most gorgeous animated scenes I have seen, and it would take some major magic to see even CGI rival this one. Its probably because how much I love Varrick and Zhu Li together and even in general.

In fact, this entire scene is predicated on that love. Arguably, Varrick was the main character of this season, especially with Korra’s identity crisis, and I am so happy they decided to give him the curtain call he deserved. Bravo!


Even Lin get’s dressed up, but Suyin is wearing that same thing she fights, dines, and leads in…

At the Afterparty, we get a sweet cameo from some of the minor characters from the first two seasons, and get to see other more important ones reveal their final thoughts.

Wu and Bolin have one final man-to-man, and the now “King” announces his first (and final) decision. He informs Korra that he intends to step down as Monarch and let the reinstated Kingdom operate under an elected succession, more like Republic City.

Three Cheers for Wu!

Korra and Mako share one last moment, and Mako gets his final send off, declaring he will always have Korra’s back.

Some time later, Korra is reflecting when Tenzin informers her the Prez decides to expand around the new Spirit Portal. The two share final thoughts on Aang and suffering, and its extremely important to realize that the events of this entire season were all to set up Korra as become an emotionally controlled Avatar, much like was Aang’s development. Yay for full-circle and Tenzin’s Wisdom!

Andddddd then the final scene. This one is a doozy, and something a lot of hardcore fans have been calling for. I can’t do it justice, or rationalize its relevance, but just understand it as I do. Korra and Asami have been emotionally connected for the entirety of the show, but I never would have recognized it until the final minute of the show. The final scene features them longing wistfully into each others eyes, giving fans the “korrasami” they have always wanted.

A beautiful, mature ending, for a show that was clearly no longer for children.

Metro’s Final Thoughts


Just for the record, I never would have seen this coming. I had not realized it was anything other than a desperate hope, but the fact that these two characters took the final scene hand in hand, potentially representing the start of a female-female relationship speaks absolute VOLUMES about this show. Its obvious to me after these last two seasons why this was pulled from Nickelodeon, and frankly, I couldn’t be happier. No matter what people say about the series, I will always remember it for its subtlety, grace, and passion. Just as I’ll always remember Korra.

Also, check out how the final scene parallels Aang’s.

The Villains:

Amon came first, and showed Korra her faults. It was important she realized this, as she essentially started out with a 16 year old’s mentality and needed to mature quick.

Unalaq was next, and he took advantage of Korra when she was most insecure. This experience helped her understand that even her own Uncle must be tempered for the good of the world, and her mental growth allowed her to leave a major impact on the world of humans and spirits.

Zaheer followed, and showed Korra that even though she was able to grow and make an enormous impact via spiritual awakening, there will ALWAYS be those who negatively impact a positive situation. Through him, Korra came to know true suffering, and despite being a minor character in the scheme, I look at him as the most prolific for the entire plot. His lesson was balance, and without it Korra could never achieve peace like Aang had.

Kuvira was last, and despite a really formidable pressence, her one true importance was to help Korra demonstrate her new found peace. Just as Aang decided to spare the Firelord, Korra was able to not only show mercy, but help her come to terms.

As with mastery of the four elements, these four mental elements were just as important.

Amon and Unalaq were obviously dead, but I was really disappointed Zaheer didn’t come into play some how in this final battle. I suppose the reintroduction of Hiroshi Sato was their opportunity, and his redemption was just as good, essentially overcoming his minor villainhood. Hats off to the villains, without whom there would be no story progression!

Relived Characters:

Seeing Toph and Katara play such big roles in this season was very fulfilling. I was happy to see Toph actually fight a bit, however I feel they dropped the ball. I’m not sure of the point of having characters like Iroh and Zuko in the series at all if they just don’t make an impact in s4. Oh well!

The Future:

The “children’s” universe the Avatar series was set in is apparently over, but the suffocation of a Queen and the hinted Lesbian relationship can never be forgotten. I’m not saying Brian and Mike are liars, but I’d be really surprised if there isn’t something following this. It was just too resonant.


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