Marvel’s Agent Carter takes a strange turn with the opening of A Little Song and Dance. First we open with black and white film, only to switch to technicolor and lots of singing and dancing. A few familiar faces appear, but I’m as confused as Peggy is, even though she ends up singing herself. By far the strangest opening to the show yet, and I’m not sure if that is a good thing.

a little song and dance


Thankfully it comes to end, as Carter wakes up and realizes that she and Jarvis are being held captive in the back of a truck. Once again Peggy is underestimated, and while the van is in motion she and Jarvis jump for freedom. Jarvis and Peggy are at odds as Jarvis has a lot of anger dealing with the news that his wife can’t have a child. They argue a bit and it is quickly obvious that the apparent death of Steve Rogers weighs heavily on Peggy. The truth helps sort them out though, and not a minute too soon as Frost’s goons are on the way.


a little song and dance


Sousa, Thompson and Dr. Samberly don’t have things going their way either when an SSR team shows up. Unfortunately, they work for Masters, but fortunately, Thompson has a plan even if the others don’t trust him all that much. Back at the SSR, it is clear that Masters wanted everyone dead, but Thompson drops a carrot in front of Masters with the idea they can use the gamma weapon to stop Frost. Masters goes for their plan, though I would be on my guard if I was Sousa.

Wilkes has finally awoken from his ordeal is struggling big time trying to cope with the zero matter exposure. A quick pit stop makes them aware that their captives are gone and they split up. The goons arrive to find Agent Carter playing possum. To their misfortune, they’re quickly outwitted and Jarvis and Peggy quickly commandeer their vehicle.

Frost and her gangster friend arrive at an isolated facility where we find Wilkes strapped down to a table. Wilkes has come to his senses it seems as he wants the zero matter gone, and Frost wants it all for herself. Let the experimenting begin. Thompson arrives at Frost’s location where Wilkes is clearly not enjoying his treatment. His plan is to lay on the charm while distracting Frost. It’s hard to tell if Thompson is actually going along with the plan, or if he actually is willing to do what it takes to join the council.

Agent Carter arrives back at the SSR fists flying, laying out Vernon Masters with a left-hook and then throwing a few more for good measure. She is quickly stopped by the arrival of Sousa and Thompson when they make it clear that Masters is part of their plan. Masters is the constant politician it seems, apparently willing to work with Peggy to meet his own ends. Dr. Samberly has apparently turned the weapon into a bomb as part of Thompson’s plan, a plan that includes leaving Sousa and Peggy behind with no vehicle. Samberly, Sousa and Carter come up with another plan on the fly that doesn’t look like it will work.

a little song and dance

Carter arrives to release Wilkes who is desperate for her to leave him and to get away. The zero matter has done something to him that is dying to get out and he is about ready to give up. Masters finally realizes that Thompson double-crossed him, though Frost still thinks Thompson is on her side. A quick stroll outside and Thompson hits the trigger, only to realize that Carter has once again got a leg up on him. It seems Thompson is willing to cross a line when he is willing to kill three people. Peggy holds him at gun point outside while inside the facility, Wilkes to walk into the room with Masters and Frost, the zero matter exploding from him.

Marvel’s Agent Carter ends with a cliff hanger going into the season finale and the anticipation is building. Chief Thompson is close to crossing a line, and we are left wondering if Peggy will really shoot him if he sets the bomb off. Will we finally see the formation of S.H.I.E.L.D? Can Whitney Frost be stopped, and what happened to Dr. Wilkes, are several questions we are left with going into the season 2 finale.

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