Does Project Almanac intrigue you? What does that make it sound like the synopsis is about? Well, if you’ve watched the trailer, the most used line you’ll hear is “I can fix it!” and that the movie is about a bunch of kids travelling through time.

In general, this film is very original however there are elements of other time travelling films that are in this one – Back to the Future II is most definitely a major element in this film. It’s clear that the movie is solely basing the cause and effect based on how the teenagers in this film is going about their adventure however, I find it rather odd that two of the characters, David and Adam are pretty much geniuses in terms of science yet could not understand how their adventure kept making things go askew nor how to really fix it. They had very high intelligence and even watched many time travelling films plus the whole thing that set them off on the journey was seeing the main character, David’s reflection in a mirror on his 7th birthday (but the reflection in the background was of David at 17 years old).

Is this an entertaining film? Yes. Is it a frustrating film if like them, you’ve watched a whole bunch of time travelling films as well? Most definitely. I personally wanted to yell at them for their lack of common sense! However, as a good movie should, it does pull at your emotions and that’s what movies are really about; making you feel or connect with the characters in the story.

Enjoy the show!