Avenger Controller are on a mission to make gamers even faster. The Reflex is a two piece controller add on, equipped with various levers and mechanisms designed to help users keep their thumbs on the thumbsticks at all times, and lessen the amount of movement players must make across the controller. The precious second it takes for you to lift your thumb off the right thumbstick and onto your reload button, may mean the difference between victory and bitter loss. The reflex seeks to give you an edge.


The reflex is built out of extremely durable plastic that is both lightweight yet sturdy. The matte black finish both looks great and feels good in the hand. Included in the package are a set of four small foam adhesive discs that protect your buttons from any potential damage that can be caused by the levers repeated abrasion against the controllers buttons. The levers themselves have bit of give, but feel quite strong overall. And let’s face it, the entire unit makes your controller look pretty badass!

In-game, the reflex handles exactly as advertised, you will barely, if ever take your thumbs off of the thumbsticks, as you can see for yourself in my control cam below. After playing for short while, using the avenger reflex feels extremely  intuitive. Players will forget they’ve ever played without one. Actions become fluid, being able to chain multiple actions quickly. The ability to do things like jump around the battlefield while still retaining complete thumbstick control, keeps players fast, agile, AND accurate. Your enemies won’t stand much of chance. The fact that less hand movement is required also helps in long sessions of play.

With all of these positives come very few negatives. In my case, the lever that actuates the square button fit a bit too snug with the foam pad adhered to it, forcing me to take it off and expose my button to the abrasion caused by the lever.  From a design standpoint, I also wish the levers used in the front to actuat both the triangle and square buttons were bent downwards a bit more, making their use a bit easier.

I would definitely recommend the Avenger Reflex to any hardcore gamer. Not only will this speed you up in FPS’ but other faced paced genres as well, such as hack and slash titles, hell some fighting game enthusiasts can probably use the reflex to make quick work of people as well. The reflex requires some time, patience, and tinkering. This controller accessory wont have you playing at mlg levels right out of the box, but you won’t ahve to wait too long either.