Blood Rage, also known as “Nightmare At Shadow Woods” is a 1987 slasher film that’s become a cult-classic among horror fans. Arrow Films has released it on Blu-Ray for new and old fans to add to their Horror Collections. Arrow Films is the first publisher to do a full version of the film since its first release on VHS. (This is a review of the Arrow Films Blu-Ray release)

Arrow Films Blu-Ray

Arrow Films release of the Blood Rage Blu-Ray.

Although the film was shot in 1983, it was given a short release theatrically in the United States by The Film Group under the name “Nightmare At Shadow Woods” in 1987, which has caused some confusion among the actors and fans alike. It was distributed on VHS the same year by Prism Entertainment under the new name “Blood Rage“.


Todd and Terry Simmons are blonde twins, played by the inimitable Mark Soper; they are cute, bright and identical in every way down to the mole on their noses. One night at a drive-in theatre the boys sneak out of the back of their mother Maddy’s car after they see her kissing her boyfriend in the front seat. Terry picks up a hatchet from a stack of logs and began stalking the kissing couples. When Terry and the trailing Todd stop to find a window open, Terry looks at a couple kissing in the front seat. As the boyfriend gets up to shout at them and asking them what is going on, Terry starts to embed the hatchet in the teenagers face over and over making for some horrific viewing. Terry blames his brother and smeared blood over Todd’s face and made him hold the hatchet. Todd is in shock and is sent to a mental asylum.

10 years later, Terry has a group of friends and is popular with the ladies, but Todd is still rotting away in the mental asylum still in a catatonic state. Once Todd escapes from the asylum, Terry goes on his bloody rage of violence and gore.

Terry hands Todd the hatchet.

A bloodied Terry hands Todd the hatchet.

Special Features:

  • Brand new 2K restoration of the “hard” home video version, transferred from the camera negative and featuring the original title card Slasher.
  • Audio commentary with director John Grissmer
  • Both Sides of the Camera – an interview with producer/actress Marianne Kanter.
  • Double Jeopardy – an interview with actor Mark Soper.
  • Jeez, Louise! – an interview with actress Louise Lasser.
  • Man Behind the Mayhem – an interview with special make-up effects creator Ed French.
  • Three Minutes with Ted Raimi – an interview with actor Ted Raimi.
  • Return to Shadow Woods – featurette revisiting the original locations in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Alternate opening titles.
  • Motion still gallery featuring rare behind-the-scenes make-up photos.

The special features will satisfy any Slasher film fan, with detailed behind the scenes commentary as well as cast and crew interviews. The selection of bonus content is abundantly satisfying.


Blood Rage is a unique film in its genre and no wonder it has become a cult-classic. With all the suspense and cool that you can package into one film, it truly is one of the best films of the 80’s. The blood and gore is packaged to the full making it enjoyable for any Slasher fan old and new, with great acting, special effects and a decently simple storyline that actually works in the slasher genre it’s enjoyable. Arrow Films has released a perfectly executed blu-ray with good picture quality and a decent amount of special features that will keep you hugging your pillow for hours.


Special mention to actor Mark Soper who truly killed it as both twins Todd and Terry.

Thank you to Arrow Films for allowing me to review this great title of theirs, below is the link to where you can buy the title.

Arrow Films Blood Rage Purchase.