This is a week for midseason finales and it was no different for Star Wars Rebels. “Legacy” jumps deep into the force and kick us off strong. Now watch out for the Empire (spoilers) and buckle in, Rebels is going hyperspace. A dream or is it a force vision that rattles Ezra as he catches glimpses of his thought to have been lost parents. Kanan and Hera try to provide guidance and urge caution as visions are easy to misread. We’ve seen others react to force visions and the consequences they’ve had before, what is in store of Ezra?

Ezra’s Parents

the fleet leaves lothal

The Inquisitors and Agent Kallus conspire to finally catch our gang of Rebels. News of a prison breakout and some hidden information lead Ezra to believe that his parents are being held on Lothal, conveniently right after the Imperials remove their forces from the planet and just in time for the Ghost crew to be trapped. Zeb and Chopper are away from the crew when stormtroopers appear and even some timely assistance from Kanan and Ezra doesn’t look too promising until Ezra makes the charge putting Kallus down. The Inquisitors show up ready for a challenge and while Ezra is in a fighting mood, Kanan uses his cool wits to block them off. Commander Sato’s timely arrival provides a nice distraction only for the command ship to get caught in the tractor beam. Hera and Sabine do their best to help them out by providing a distraction for Kanan and Ezra to take the Phantom and head to Lothal while getting Sato’s ship free and heading elsewhere.

A Gift from the Force

Ezra and Kanan have a moment on the shuttle that shows the bond the two have between them. Their search takes them to Ezra’s home which they find burned to the ground. Ezra despairs, but Kanan’s wisdom and trust in the force leads Ezra to trust in the force and where it is guiding him. A wild goose or rather Loth cat chase leads our Jedi Rebels to someone that knows Ezra’s parents. The familiar stranger is the former Governor of Lothal and he has the sad duty of informing Ezra of what happened to his parents. A heartbroken Ezra looks lost as he gazes on Lothal and what could have been. A gift from the force allows him one more conversation with his parents that restores his faith and his outlook on what is to come.

gift from the force

“Legacy” was an intriguing episode that finally answers a question about Ezra’s past while developing his trust in the force. The Inquistors and Agent Kallus are becoming more dangerous and taking more risk to capture the Ghost crew and you have to wonder if our Rebels crew going in different directions will cause them problems when they return from winter break. An okay episode that delves into the force, which I find very promising.