The Ghost crew show up on a desolate planet after Ezra receives a tip about some refugees only to find they arrived too late and witness the Stormtroopers moving the two refugees, Zeb’s people. Which is a pretty big shock for Zeb since he thought he was the last surviving Lasat. Now strap in and prepare for hyperspace, Star Wars Rebels is set to begin.Star Wars Rebels: LEgends of Lasat

Rescue Mission

Zeb, Kanan and crew are quick to jump to the pairs rescue when who should show up but Hondo himself, the one who gave Ezra the tip. It is quickly brought to light that Zeb was a Captain in the honor guard for his people. Zeb has a defeatist attitude towards the future of his people when Hondo being Hondo, sells them out.  Hondo having a heart and liking Ezra is quick to warm them and gives them a fighting chance to escape the planet.

Apparently Chava and Gran, the two Lasat refugees, are no longer upon the warrior path leaving the Ghost crew to do all the work. Another timely hand from Hondo and the crew escapes the planet and makes the jump to hyperspace. The search for the Lasat’s new home world is to be decided by a ritual and prophecy.Star Wars Rebels: Legends of Lasat

Finding a Home

Zeb walks away during the ritual with Ezra quickly following him. Zeb has a heavy burden of guilt upon his shoulders for his perceived failure in protecting his people from the Empire. Ezra talks Zeb out of feeling sorry for himself and his involvement helps them locate Liresan, the planet of Lasan legend out in wild space. The trip to the new world of the Lasan is quickly cut short when they come across an imploded star cluster. Bad timing too as the Empire managed to snag Hondo and follow the Ghost into wild space. Zeb finally starts believing in the prophecy and steps up to lead the crew through the maze of a star cluster. Kallus is quick to react and opens fire before realizing the dangers of the cluster and pulls his ship back allowing the Ghost to somehow to jump to hyperspace.

The jumped worked and they find the new world for the Lasan. Zeb discovers that this is the planet his people came from originally and has tasked himself the mission of bringing any of his people he finds to the new world. A Zeb-centric episode, the Legends of Lasat does a good job digging into Zeb’s backstory. Hondo being back was a fun addition and added some humor but in the long run the episode didn’t do much to set up future episodes.