The Rebels season two opener reintroduced us to some old friends, well for most of us. Kanan witnessing the death of his master at the hand of the clones is a hard memory for him to overcome and his distrust is obvious. In a way, his distrust was proven true when Wolffe sent a message to the Empire that alerted them to the possible presence of some Jedi. The clones do what they can make up for it, but it is because of one of their actions that the Empire has come knocking when Hera is trying to reappear the Ghost, and the shuttle Phantom is grounded planet side.

Here Comes Trouble


Kanan and crew are in reaction mode when Rex hands over a list of outer rim locations that could be used as a base. It is about this time a star destroyer arrives at Seelos and forces Hera to shut down everything on her ship as it did its scan. Agent Kallus makes contact with the clones, and Rex and him have a face off, which was very enjoyable to watch. Rex is very dismissive of stormtroopers and challenges Agent Kallus to bring everything he’s got.

To make everything better, a giant sandstorm is approaching as a single tie fighter attacks the clones’ walker. Gregor, with a sweet shot, takes it down and that brings down Agent Kallus and four imperial AT-ATs. Rex and Ezra have a moment and it is very clear that Rex’s feelings and admiration for Anakin Skywalker have shaped his life. He is definitely the kind of man who remembers the good in a man that most of the galaxy probably felt it lost in the purge. You also get the feeling that Ezra is going to learn from more than one mentor this season.

Rex’s Plan


In the face of four imperial walkers, the clones, and their walker take Kanan and crew into the sandstorm where the scanners will be blind to all who go into it. Rex has a plan that is based on his respect for Jedi and it will be up to Kanan to learn to work with Re and the clones. We see that the plan is to aim for the weak spot is their neck, but it is very obvious that Agent Kallus is no fool even if he does underestimate the Jedi. The clones and the crew of the Ghost quickly find themselves surrounded following Kanan’s use of the force allowing them a single shot. It takes the convincing of Rex and Kanan to get Ezra to trust in himself enough and the force to take the shot with Sabine out there for support.

The New Inquisitor


Ezra and Kanan both reach a point in the force where the sandstorm is clear enough to each of them that they are able to take the shot and destroy one of the imperial walkers. This allows them to make a run for it and leaves Agent Kallus in a tight spot. We shoot back up to Hera and watch her witness the star destroyer jump for hyperspace after a message was sent courtesy of Lord Vader. The group gets clear of the storm and Rex has Kanan and crew take off, and he uses himself and the walker as a distraction. Kanan is still convinced leaving is the right thing to do, but Ezra is persistent they return to help. Things don’t look good for the clones as the three remaining imperial walkers lay into it. Wolffe charges right at it and tries to knock it over before things look really bleak. Ezra’s persistence finally reaches Kanan and they return at just the right moment to save Rex and crew.

It is about this time that Agent Kallus realizes that he has no air support and it is only at the last possible moment that he and a lucky few flee to escape the clones and the rebels. We catch up with the star destroyer, where instead of Lord Vader we meet a new Inquisitor, a very intimidating figure who has no regard for Kallus nor Admiral Konstantine and his ship. Definitely not an alien to be messed with. However it is not all dock. The Ghost regroups with the Alliance with a few extra passengers and we see an emotional moment between Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex.


A very enjoyable second episode of Rebels that brought the clones into the fold and introduced us to a new Inquisitor that the group is yet to know of, and the happy times probably won’t last for long. It will be intriguing to see how Rex, Gregor, and Wolffe interact with the rest of the Alliance, and on the opposing side see how Agent Kallus will take the interference from the Inquisitor that cost him his chance at the Jedi. It is enjoyable to see the connection between the sagas grow and as we get nearer to the original Star Wars Trilogy time period it will be interesting to see how dark Rebels is willing to go.