Fortunately and unlike most of the shows I enjoy, Rebels didn’t take this week off. That being said, Happy Thanksgiving to all and thank you for your support of us here at The Noobist. The last few episodes of Rebels were character-centric episodes, but this week’s centered around a rescue mission. Now strap in and get ready for hyperspace, it is time for this week’s recap of Star Wars Rebels.


It’s a Trap

Things immediately go wrong for our cast of good guys when the ship Commander Sato and Ezra are pulled out of hyperspace by a new Imperial technology. Fortunately for them, they manage to get off a distress call just before they are captured. Unfortunately for Kanan, this leads to Hera assigning him on a rescue mission with Rex. The tension between the two has yet to be resolved and that alone is cause for concern on this rescue mission. Dressed as stormtroopers, and with Rex’s ability to recall Imperial codes along with Kanan’s Jedi abilities easily allow them to infiltrate the Star Destroyer.


Rescue Mission

Their arrival to the detention center brings comedic results as Ezra had already freed himself and then shot the next two stormtroopers he came across. Unluckily for Kanan and Rex, it was them, but fortunately Ezra only stunned them. More friction between Kanan and Rex ensues when they can’t agree on the next part of the plan. Ezra points out this is why he volunteered for the mission and takes charge on what they are going to do. He and Chopper go off to cause a diversion and make it so that their ship can escape and not end up caught in the gravity well. Kanan and Rex, while arguing the entire way though it seems there verbal jousting is more for fat this time, end up freeing Commander Sato and his men. This is where Rex goes and does something stupidly brave by charging off on his own to give Kanan and the others time to make it back to the ship.


Rex’s heroics lead him to being captured and brought before the ship’s commander where he is tortured. The Imperials should know better than playing with their food as Kanan feels his distress and goes to rescue Rex. Working together in a life or death situation seems to have done what just talking could not and you can see the mutual respect between the two, if not outright friendship, by the end of the episode. Just when it looks like Chopper’s distraction didn’t work and that our heroes are about to be captured again does his sabotage take place.


This latest episode of Rebels was a very enjoyable one that gave off an original trilogy vibe, specifically A New Hope. With Kanan and Rex trying to shoot their way out and off the ship and Chopper’s sabotage along with the good guys dressed in stormtrooper gear, it was eerily reminiscent of Han and Luke’s adventure on the Death Star. “Stealth Strike” as an episode accomplished a few things aside from being very enjoyable. It helped to further establish Ezra as a leader as he once again stepped up to the occasion, and at least for now seemed to settle the differences between Kanan and Rex, which will be an interesting dynamic going forward.