The second season of Star Wars Rebels has done a good job at showing how underfunded the Rebellion is. Just a few episodes later after finding a fuel depot they are again on the search for fuel that will enable them to reach a new base away from the Empire’s all consuming gaze. Now strap in and watch out for asteroids (spoilers) Star Wars Rebels is going hyperspace.

the forgotten droid

Slapstick Droids

The Ghost crew arrived on a fairly well secured planet in the hopes of attaining more fuel for the fleet. Unfortunately for Chopper, he was off ship trying to attain a matching leg, while the crew stole the fuel and escaped the planet under fire. Forced to improvise, Chopper steals the leg and manages to find himself a stowaway on an Imperial vessel. Another unfortunate set of events for Chopper is the introduction of AP-5, an under appreciated imperial droid that likes to follow the letter of the law. Oddly enough, Chopper and the imperial droid bond over war stories, both having served in the battle of Ryloth. Despite the restraining bolt, he is able to lie to his commander, allowing Chopper to remove the restraining bolt setting him free.

Droids to the Rescue

Hilarity ensues when Chopper lays out the Captain and then tricks the stormtroopers into following him, thus trapping them all in a room. Chopper and AP-5 then debate on who is the Captain of their new ship while they race to the bridge. The show then switches over to the Ghost crew where they are alerted by an under-duress Commander Sato, alerting them that they are under attack. The Imperials are quick to pick up on why the Rebel fleet hasn’t left and quickly target the Ghost in hopes of destroying the fuel. Things quickly are going wrong for the Rebel fleet when Chopper gets in touch with Hera and his new friend informs them of the trap laying in wait. New coordinates, a sacrifice and the Rebels newest member saved the day.

the forgotten droid

A very fun episode that helps bring Chopper to life more than ever. The introduction of AP-5 just works. It only seems right that Chopper has a companion along with setting us up for Rogue One later this year. Word has it that Alan Tudyk is set to play a former imperial droid that now works for the Rebellion, and introducing that it isn’t the first time to happen in Star Wars Rebels is a smart move by Disney.

the forgotten droid

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