Star Wars Rebels, while enjoyable, has been hit or miss with several of their episodes.  Some episodes give viewers the character building story telling, while others focus on lighter matters in one-off episodes. The inconsistency in having a straight narrative where each episode builds on the larger story has been disappointing despite all the character expansion this season. Now get ready for hyperspace and watch out for asteroids (spoilers), it is time for Star Wars Rebels, The Honorable Ones.

Return to Geonosis

A return to a very familiar planet kicks off this week’s Star Wars Rebels. The Ghost arrives at Genosis to find a wasteland. The planet shows no sign of life, proving that Darth Sidious tied up all loose ends after the end of the Clone Wars. The planet isn’t their goal though and they arrive at one of the stations left above the planet. Zeb smells a trap, but it comes too late to prevent Agent Kallus and the Stormtroopers from surrounding them. Th group is cutoff and forced to split making Chopper come to the rescue. Zeb is still cut off from the rest of the group battling Kallus when the Ghost is forced to take off and Zeb takes an escape pod that Kallus hitch hiked on.

the honorable ones

Honor among Enemies

The escape pod takes some damage due to infighting and it takes a brutal landing. The Ghost is dealing with some tie fighters and Hera’s exceptional flying manages to take them all out. Unfortunately, the Ghost loses track of the pod and Zeb and Kallus are left to relying on each other to survive on one of Genosis’ moons. On the bright side, not all life is dead in the moon and they sound very angry. Kallus’ injury quickly reveals a different side to the man.  Being vulnerable, especially with Zeb being the one he had to rely on, adds depth to a character that needed some. Team work is the only thing that saves them from the huge beak billed monster and it is the only thing to help escape from the ice cavern they are in.

the honorable ones


Kallus and Zeb ask one another some eye-opening questions that really reveals that not everyone on both sides is necessarily a bad person and that they believe they are doing the right thing. It appears that Zeb and Kallus climb just in time as the beast and one of its friends return for a snack. Thanks to Zeb, Kallus is able to escape and though he has a shot on Zeb, he decides to do the honorable thing.

An interesting episode that takes a look at honor and how though a side may be evil, it doesn’t mean the individuals all are. It’s a nice call back to the Revenge of the Sith opening crawl and its reading that there are heroes on both sides. Another enjoyable episode, but let’s hope that Star Wars Rebels keeps it going.