Hot damn, Glenn is alive! And well, thank you very much. The latest episode of The Walking Dead finally gave us Glenn fans the long awaited answer about his fate that we were all hoping for. Rick continues to distance himself from the people of Alexandria, all is well until it isn’t, and Glenn lives to fight another day on The Walking Dead: “Heads Up.” Spoiler alert.

Heads Up, Glenn


Last week on The Walking Dead, we caught up with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham and watched the trials and tribulations they endured – well, mostly Daryl—before securing transportation that would take them back to Alexandria. This week’s episode had nothing to with that. Sorry! “Heads Up” picked up with the people in Alexandria, our group and everyone else. And more importantly, we also learned what happened to our dearest Glenn. He’s alive!

Like so many already started to speculate, when Nicholas shot himself and then fell on Glenn he actually landed on top of him, this gave Glenn protection from the walkers when they both hit the ground. When Glenn saw an opportunity, he slid under the nearby dumpster and aside from stabbing a couple walkers trying to get to him, he was able to hold out for what seemed like nearly an entire day as slowly the walkers began to get distracted and walk away. As it turns out, he had some help.

When the coast was clear and all the walkers had seemingly moved on to other prospects, Glenn finally emerged from underneath the dumpster and was greeted with a bottle of water that Enid, of all people, had chucked his way. Needless to say, the two ended up partnering up on the trip back to Alexandria; although, Enid wasn’t exactly excited about either. She made that much perfectly clear as she was incessant about giving him a hard time when he wanted to know what happened back in Alexandria, when he demanded that she accompany him on his trip back home, and then later when he tried to psychoanalyze her. Then again, in Enid’s defense who wants to be psychoanalyzed? Asked and answered.

Us versus Them


Speaking of people who’ve been psychoanalyzed, Morgan found himself in the hot seat when Rick, Carol, and Michonne finally got the opportunity to talk with him about his actions during and post the Wolves attack. And though Morgan had a pretty good excuse for not taking out any of the Wolves, “turning the other cheek,” Michonne was quick to remind the peacekeeper that he might have to let that idea go. She pointed out that things aren’t as simple as all life is precious. For Morgan, however, it was simple. To him, despite everything that he saw “those people” do and what they’re capable of he didn’t kill them because he knows that people can change. His biggest proof of that, everyone at the table: Rick, Carol, Michonne, and himself. So, boom. Dude had a valid point. Still, Rick came back with an even stronger point in the form of a question: “do you really think that you can do that without getting blood on your hands?” Morgan, of course, had no real answer except to say “I don’t know.” We’ll all find out soon enough.

Shortly after the intervention with Morgan, Rick and Michonne had a conversation of their own where Michonne called Rick out for being all “us versus them.” It’s no secret that Rick has an allegiance to our group and at the same time he and the people of Alexandria have shared their fair share of ups and downs. They hate him, they love him, then they hate him again. Well, their wishy-washy attitude towards him is not lost on. And though Michonne is all for embracing everyone in Alexandria because of her issues, rightfully so, Rick may be right not to do so because of his own. But Michonne wasn’t the only person to raise a similar point with Rick. So, too, did Tara, after Rick got on her case for risking her life to save “one of them.” Tobin did the same while helping Rick reinforce the fence by asking him not to give up on “us,” and so did Deanna when she came by to thank Rick for saving her son, questioning his intentions in the process. Who knows if Rick is right or wrong? The thing is real change takes time; especially the deep, sincere kind. One thing is for sure, if Rick does embrace them (the people of Alexandria), it won’t be because he was pressured to do so. As we all know, that’s not Rick’s style.

Also on “Heads Up,” Ron still has ill intentions towards Carl, as we all saw when he creepily followed behind him, seemingly undetected, reaching for his gun that he had just stolen bullets for from the pantry. The worst part of the inevitability of that situation is probably that Carl and Rick were the ones that actually helped the ingrate learn how to shoot in the first place. Talk about know your enemies. Then, too, snoopy Carol may have found out about Morgan’s secret captive in the basement of one of houses. Man, nothing gets past her, and at this point nor should it. Trust is earned, not given, right? Oh, and just when Maggie and pretty much everyone in Alexandria saw the green balloons—the long overdue signal that Glenn was alive—a building came crashing down on the fence where the walkers were eagerly awaiting entry into Alexandria. And just like that here comes another crisis.

Only one more episode left until the winter break. The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9:00pm EST on AMC.

The Walking Dead: Heads Up Recap & Review
  • Glenn is alive
  • Rick still has trouble embracing the people of Alexandria
  • Morgan gets an intervention
  • Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham haven’t made it back yet
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