telltale-game-of-thronesGame Of Thrones is the series I wanted Telltale to attempt the most. Now that they have and the first episode Iron From Ice has been released. You’ll be glad to know, they haven’t just attempted it. they’ve nearly perfected it. Telltale have been able to capture the very essence of Game Of Thrones.

You play as three members from House Forrester in Iron From Ice and are greeted with familiar faces along the way such as Margaery Tyrell, Ramsey Snow, Cersei Lannister and Tyrion Lannister each of the roles being reprised from their actor/actress. Having prior knowledge of these characters makes you very on edge just talking to them.


During part of Mira Forrester’s section you have to go and talk to Cersei to essentially apologise for your traitor family (House Forrester were one of the Stark’s Bannermen.) Mira however is a good friend of Margaery’s which is the real reason Cersei wants to talk to you. To try and discredit her for having a traitor as a hand maiden. Being the silver tongued devil that I am. I played it out like Sansa herself would. Telling the queen exactly what she wants to hear. Doing this however greeted me with the very Telltale “Margaery will remember that.”


Anyone familiar with Game Of Thrones will know that each episode usually has a moment that’s a big hook to make sure you come back for more. You’ll be pleased to know that Iron From Ice is no exception. I will not spoil that hook. It is what tipped me from “Yeah this game is cool” to “When is the next episode? I need to know now.”

On to the technical stuff. Unfortunately there are a few issues, None of them are game breaking but some of them do spoil the immersion a2734290-11 bit. Let’s say you wanted to talk to someone, you hover the cursor over their name and press the button to talk. But you’re 6 feet away from the person you want to talk to? Are you going to shout at them? No don’t worry, you’ll teleport that 6 feet until you’re right next to them. On the odd occasion that you don’t teleport you will walk towards them before speaking and often straight passed them without muttering a word.

Technical issues aside it’s shaping up to be an excellent game and I can’t wait to see the next episode.


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  1. dustin

    Should probably edit the spoilers with the actual spoiler tag.
    I know games like this are a big deal when it comes to spoiling… I also sorta was a bit let down by this games first episode so far. It's not TWD or Wolf Among Us…but I enjoyed it for what it was!

    The reason I was let down was just because of the choices and the dialogue.

    Edit: It's weirdly formatted where it should have added the spoiler tags. Well, I guess whatever.