When Sunday rolls around, most people in the United Kingdom will be making their version of a Sunday roast; whether it be beef or a full chicken, it’ll make it’s appearance. Why? Because it’s Sunday and there’s always a roast on Sunday. It’s quite a task to take on every week and requires quite a bit of cooking stamina to get through it all and your oven will work harder than you on those Sundays.


An image of the smart oven.

Wouldn’t it be nicer if Sundays went more smoothly? Well, have no fear, Jenn Air is here to save the day. The Michigan company deals in luxury kitchen appliances and they’ve now come out with a smart, wall mounted oven that can be controlled via a smart phone. Available for iOS and Android devices there’s an application for this smart oven that will have a feature called¬†Culinary Center – an interactive system giving guidance to the chef about cooking; it’ll give over 30 food options based on clever algorithms which take into consideration the food category, type, how well the chef wants their meat cooked and what cookware is being used.

The oven itself has an interface on the cooker which includes an industry first 7 in color touch anywhere LCD panel and an under glass slider which will allow chefs to select temperatures with no numbers or physical buttons in sight. It’ll even convert known cooking times into convention times automatically.

The oven will also feature a dual fan convention system; two fans using 6,800 watts to rotate in opposite directions. The system will also offer even baking on all three of its rack levels so everything cooks at the same time, evenly. This oven also promises that no preheating will be required. This oven will also give 4,000 watts of power to grill your food.

What’s even more great is that it looks like every other oven so it doesn’t stand out visually and it also has soft close doors, full extension racks, a front mounted light and a larger window to watch some baking magic to happen!

This smart oven will be hitting shelves this September so you can have it make your Sunday roasts and puddings smartly and tastily.