It’s getting warm now – even here in England and people are going to start wanting to clean off their BBQ grills and start cooking outdoors. However, what happens when you want to do this whilst camping? Do you bring your massive BBQ with you, or do you just pray that the camping site will have one?


GoSun Grills

End your BBQ drama with GoSun. What is GoSun? It’s a portable, fuel less stove. How does it work? Oh, that’s simple and can be explained in two easy steps. 1. You put the food you want to cook inside of it. and 2. put the GoSun in some sunlight. Then viola! Your food will cook.

Oh no! You live in the northern hemisphere and its a cloudy day? Don’t fret! Just like solar power collectors, even though the sun isn’t shining through, there is still sun (because well, its day time of course!)

This good ol’ boy will cook a meal within 20 minutes (that’s faster than chips in an oven!) How does it do it so speedily? Well, because the GoSun can get up to temperatures of 550°F or 290°C.

Fortunately, there are different versions of GoSun. The cheapest you can buy is $128 (roughly £80 GBP). Which let’s face it people, it’s about the same price (if not cheaper) than a gas/electric stove!

Go camping, have a BBQ party, live in a tiny apartment, a dorm that doesn’t allow you to have a stove, or live in a tiny house and free up that space where you would have a hot plate/stove and be even more green than your fellow tiny house residents!

You can check out their website by going here.

I definitely recommend this if you’re really wanting to cook healthier and lessen your carbon footprint.

2 Responses

  1. Eric

    I don’t mean to sound rude, but what does any of this have to do with the content of this website?

    • Shorty C

      Its a gadget that could in all honesty not only fit for people living in a small space but also provide a healthier way of eating. Plus it brings less of a carbon footprint than more conventional ways of cooking. A lot of things that I’ve written about such as the Greenfinity or Audi bringing in Hydrogen fuelled cars were put on this website as well. Life isn’t all about entertaining ourselves. Technology isn’t *just* cutting edge if it deals with video gaming or bringing tv & movies to another more realistic level. Its about making our lives a little bit better for us & the future. Isn’t *that* worth knowing & sharing?